Why Do Competitions Work For Businesses?

Psychology is a funny thing. As humans, we go out, buy a lotto ticket for actual $$$ with a 1 in 100,000,000 chance of winning.  Why?  When it comes to competitions people are buying ‘possibility’. Not the actual...

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Value In Getting Website Visitor’s Feedback

At Prize Bar, we know the value of feedback.  As a business that focuses on building technology for our customers. We like every business can get stuck in overthinking, building things that just don’t fit our customer’s needs...

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Why Competitions Work To Increase Leads?

Why Competitions Work To Increase Leads

Running a competition is a popular method used by different companies to attract customers, generate interest and increase conversion rate. The customers would be happiest when they are getting a chance to get a free item from a...

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Increase Website Conversions Without Rebuilding Your Website

Your Prize Bar

Have you ever looked at your website report and wondered how you can have so many visitors, but so few sales? It’s frustrating right? After all, you spent good money on a flash looking website that, to be...

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