How do I add Prize Bar to my website?

How do I add Prize Bar to my website?

Still working your way to getting your Prize Bar installed?

Adding the Prize Bar your website is easy that should take no longer than 5 minutes.

We offer 3 ways to do it:

➡️ Do it yourself
➡️ Send To Developer
➡️ By asking us to do it for you

Here is our simple guide:

1) Login to the dashboard of your Prize Bar account.

2) On your dashboard select My Settingsat the upper right corner of your dashboard or click the image at the bottom.


Prize Bar











3) Select “Embed Code” just below the My Email Tool option. You have three options to get your embed code copied to your website: 

Option 1 – Do it yourself (the quickest)

  • * Press ‘Copy Code” to your clipboard.
  • * You can simply copy the code from the Embed Code page on Prize Bar and paste it to the header of your website for the bar to start displaying to your web page.
  • * Once added just refresh your browser a couple of times and Prize Bar will be live.


Prize Bar














Option 2 – Send To Developer 

Send an email directly to your developer from your Prize Bar account. 

  • * Simply click the ”Send To Developer” button, add in the email address of your developer and press “Send”.

This email has it all that a good developer needs to install Prize Bar.

Prize Bar











Option 3 – We can install it for you. 

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time or a developer to help – not to worry. We are here to help. 

  • * Click the “Install For Me” button to inform our team that you would like our help. 
  • * We will need a few bits of information to be able to do it including your website login URL (where you login to the admin panel of your website), your username and your password.
  • * This usually takes under 1 business day to be installed for you and once we are done all your login details are deleted from our records for your security.


Prize Bar












If you have any questions or need help,  feel free to send us an email at