Increase Website Conversions Without Rebuilding Your Website

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Have you ever looked at your website report and wondered how you can have so many visitors, but so few sales?

It’s frustrating right? After all, you spent good money on a flash looking website that, to be honest, you’re proud of. So what’s going wrong?

Often, when we are looking for success measures, we spend a lot of time looking at the number of people who have visited our website. Whilst getting traffic to your website is a great first step, it doesn’t do anything for your bottom line if those visitors are simply looking and leaving.

To grow your business you need to convert browsers into customers by attracting and forming genuine connections with the right audience. A conversion could be sale, a sign-up to an email or lead magnet, or even someone calling you for more information. Whatever the conversion you’re after, your conversion rate is one of your most important metrics for understanding your visitors’ needs and how best to guide your potential customers (and you!) towards success.

Prize Bar Example

So, how can you convert more website visitors into engaging customers?

Traditionally, conversion optimisation has required businesses to make changes or improvements to their websites, which of course requires time, effort, and money.

But what if you could improve your conversion rates without changing your web content? We’ve got good news for you – you can! Here are some smart and simple ways to convert more customers:

Competitions: We all love a freebie and competitions are a great way to increase the number of people who interact with your business and incentivise a deeper connection with your brand. Competitions are also a rich source of data as many people are prepared to share information in exchange for the chance to win a prize.

Ask a question: Learn more about your website visitors by asking them an easy-to-answer, but pertinent question which you can use as a conversation starter when you connect.

Ask for social shares: Social media is an extremely important tool in any business’ marketing strategy. It is a great platform for sharing updates, promotions or new launches and gets any promotion you run in front of a larger referral audience by showing up in your networks’ feeds.

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Prize Bar is launching an innovative strategy that combines all of these proven techniques to expand your audience and boost your customer conversion rate. And it’s all packaged up in a visually attractive, ‘plug and play’ tool that does all the hard work for you.

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