Value In Getting Website Visitor’s Feedback

At Prize Bar, we know the value of feedback. 

As a business that focuses on building technology for our customers. We like every business can get stuck in overthinking, building things that just don’t fit our customer’s needs and waste time and money in the process.

It Sucks!

When we started asking for feedback – it sped out production, helped us build features our customers actually wanted and made us move quicker.

It is how Prize Bar actually started. 

A good place to ask for lead or client feedback is on your website.

Getting your visitor’s feedback helps you identify and eliminate problems. People who complain about your products and services are actually helping you do a better job.

Make sure you ask for constructive criticism. Remember most people love giving you their opinion. It makes them feel valued.

Insightful feedback can help you improve or develop your products and services so you focus your resources on what your customers really want from you as a provider.

Knowing your clients’ questions or problems can lead you in the right direction, no matter the problem is. The results of your efforts will multiply if you can make leads or clients happy by answering their questions or solving their problems, then you’re more likely to get good referrals and boost conversions.

Prize Bar is launching an innovative strategy that allows you to ask a question and get your visitors feedback plus all the proven techniques to expand your audience and boost your customer conversion rate. And it’s all packaged up in a visually attractive, ‘plug and play’ tool that does all the hard work for you.

Ready to get started?

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